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We have contacted you before about our new initiative to offer international competition for students under 26.  We have been very slow to get going as we have had very few children register.  So we have decided to simply start running tournaments and give away scholarship money and fine prizes in the hopes that will get children, and Federations like yours, motivated to get involved.

I know there are many students in high school and college (under 26 years of age) in Hungary that play backgammon, and we would love to have their involvement and we believe our program will keep them more interested and excited about the game.  We will be offering tournaments on line (at as well as in the future on BackgammonAce.

Our first tournament will be Saturday, June 24th at 10AM Central.  We will be giving a $300 scholarship to the parents of the winner and $100 to second, and a beautiful custom watch, worth well over $500 each, to the finalists.  Mochy and I will offer videos and some free on line seminars and coaching.

We need your help to get children registered at

We will email all registrants with exact instructions to register for the tournament, and we will also post it on line.  Possibly one of you can translate and send it to us to email to children who register.

Eventually we may even offer competitions between countries, and I know Hungry will want to be represented.

Please see what you can do to help get children registered for this first tournament and for the entire program.  We have quite a bit of money and wonderful prizes and benefits to offer, but we cannot do this without your help.


Philip J. Simborg
Professional Backgammon Teacher, Lecturer, Player

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